Dearest friends & business relations,

We would like to take a moment to thank all the people fighting in the front line of this pandemic. A big thanks to all the people that are making insane hours to take care of people that have fallen ill to the corona virus, also a big thanks to everyone that is still working to keep our country running. Last but not least we try to help the best we can, our entire team is currently working from home to do our part in #flattenthatcurve and would like to thank all the other people that are currently participating in this same movement. Thankfully we are used to working from home every now and then. If you have any questions about working from home or running your business online we are happy to answer them!

We are all in this together, stay safe and keep an eye out for each other! And for god sakes share your toilet paper with the neighbors...

Together we create, so let's create!